Events in London that were either organised by the Montenegro-UK Society (M) or associated with Montenegro or Montenegrins in the UK  (O)

Year 2015.


First event of the Society and evening dedicated to Bole Bošković , Europe House, London 18.5.2015 (M)

Promotion about two books by Henrik Angel in Der Norske Klub, London, The In & Out (Naval and Military Club) 27.5.2015 (O)


Celebration of 13th July, Montenegrin National Day, Vuk Club, London. 4.7.2015 (M)


Screening of the Montenegrin film on the Raindance film festival “Dječaci iz ulice Marksa i Engelsa”, 26.9.2015 (O)


Presentation of the Andreja Nikolaidis book “Till Kingdom come” , Waterstones, London 16.10.2015 (O)

Visit of the Ambassador Andrija Pejovic “Three years of negotiations”, LSE, London , 20.10.2015 (O)

Year 2016.


Premiere of the film “Voice: Ukrainian Voices” by Montenegrin director Dolje Dragasevic-Gavanski , Century, London, 18.1.2016. (O)

Exhibition “Art Spotlight” by painter Maja Mijović , The Library, London, 19.1. 2016. (O)


Montenegro-UK Chevening Business Forum , 5-6.2. 2016. Tivat (O)


Countryside walk : Surrey – Box Hill , 13.3.2016. (M)


Celebration of the anniversary of the Society’ work and the selection of the Management Board , London , 15.4. 2016. (M)

Projection of the film “Voice: Ukrainian Voices” directed by Dolja Dragasevic-Gavanski , London, Independent Film Festival, 25.4.2016. (O)


Opening of restaurant with Montenegrin cuisine and  performances by renowned Montenegrin musicians, guitar duo Nikčević-Bulatović, Ashford, Kent. 1.5.2016. O)

Celebration of May 21st  – Independence Day , Covent Garden, London, 2016.(M)


Dr Igor Lukšić’s guest appearance at the LSE , London,   2. 6. 2016. (O)

Presentation of the novel “A smile for Maria Mihailović” organized by Dragoljub Pavićević (Kensington Library, London, 4.6. 2016. (O)

Exhibition Jelena Tomašević (in Feđa Klikovac’s  gallery ‘Handel Street Projects’, London, 15.6.2016. (O)

Exhibition “Point of View” by authors Roman Djuranović and Tadija Janičić , The Library, London, 16. 6. 2016. (O)

Opening of the exhibition “Superwoman: Work, Build and Do not Whine” co-author Dolje Dragašević-Gavanski , Gallery ”Grad”, London, 16.6 2016. London (O)


Completion of the fourth school year of the Montenegrin School in London , Russel Square, 2.7.2016. (M)

Celebration 13th of July. 2016. – Statehood Day , Hyde Park, London  (M)


Participation at the founding session of the Council for Cooperation with diaspora, Podgorica ,   September, 2016.  (O)


Organizing trekking tours in Amersham 30.Oct.2016. (M)

The concert “RojoyNegro” by Bianca Vrcan, London,  15.10. 2016. (O)

Year 2017.


Jovica Franeta’s competition at the World Ping Pong Turning Tour in London, 28.1. 2017. (O)


Trekking tours “Hurst Green to Oxted”, Surrey, England 9.4.2017. (M)

Bato Tomašević’s funeral, Exeter,  24.4.2017.

Annual assembly of the Montenegro-UK Society, Embassy of Montenegro, London ,27.4.2017. (M)


Celebration of May 21 – Independence Day, Masons Bar, Covent Garden, London, 19.5. 2017. (M)


Evening dedicated to Norwegian Henrik Angel, Den Norske Club, part of the Naval and Military Club, Mayfair 2.16.2017. (O)

Trekking Tour “Seven Sisters”, Sussex, 25.6.2017.  (M)


Trekking tour “Seafood to Birling Gap”, Sussex, England 1.7.2017. (M)

Celebration of July 13th – Statehood Day of Montenegro in Hyde Park, 16.7. 2017.  (M)

Second session of the Council for Cooperation with diasporta  of Montenegro, Podgorica 28.7.2017. (O)


Montenegrin Lady’s Dinner night , “Four Seasons”, London, 14.10.2017.. (O)

UK-Montenegro Trade & Investment Forum,  the Grand Connaught Rooms, London 26.10. 2017. (O)


Trekking tour “Primrose Hill to Hampstead”, London, 2.12.2017. (M)

Christmas party of the Montenegro-UK Society, Harrild and Sons, London , 5.12.2017. (M)

Year 2018.


Fun in Pub, Zlopi, Bollo house and pub 24.3.2018. (O)

Trekking Tour, Henley on Thames to Marlow, 31.3.2018. (M)


Trekking tour Amberley to Arundel, 22.4. 2018. (M)


Sergej Ćetković’s Concert in London 5.5. 2018. (O)

Trekking (tour) “Seven Sisters”, Sussex, 5.5.2018. (M)

Celebration of May 21 – Independence Day of Montenegro, London, 11.5.2018 (M)

Exhibition of paintings by Dr Kavarić, Stephen Webster Saloon, London. 16.5.2018 (O)


The Embassy of Montenegro is organizing the “Montenegrin Culture Symphony”, Europe house 14.6.2018. (O)

Trekking Tour – Epping Forest, 16 .5. 2018. (M)

Celebration of July 13th – Statehood Day of Montenegro in Hyde Park, London  30.6.2018. (M)


Meeting with UCG Rector Prof. Dr. Danilo Nikolić on cooperation between the University of Montenegro and the scientific diaspora in the UK, 4.9.2018, London  (M)

Trekking Tour Kings Cross to Canary Wharf 15. 9. 2019.  (M)


Trekking tour in Windsor 20.10.2018.  (M)